Spinach Powder (7oz)

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Spinach is a powerhouse of nutrients. This dark, leafy green plant is packed with vitamins A, C, D and K, as well as magnesium and iron. Known for its hair, skin and bone benefits, spinach has been a staple in culinary dishes for centuries. 

If you’re looking to get more of this superfood in your diet, simply add FeelGood Organic Superfoods® Spinach Powder to your smoothies, soups, dips and culinary dishes.

Made with organic spinach that is freeze-dried to preserve the precious nutrients, this organic superfood powder is non-GMO, gluten free and vegan-friendly. 

Spinach Powder Health Benefits
* Supports a healthy immune system*
* May support digestive health*
* May help regulate blood pressure*
* Promotes cardiovascular health*
* May improve eye health and function*

Pure & Natural Spinach FeelGood Organic Superfoods® sources ingredients from their indigenous regions to maintain sustainability and ensure purity.

Made in United States of America