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DermaStim Topical DHT Blocker

Hair Recovery Systems

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w/ Saw Palmetto, Nettle, Green Tea Extract


Blocks Enzymatic DHT

Promotes Anagen Growth Phase

Slows Hair Loss



This DHT Blocker contains a proprietary complex with a specific herbal blend that helps to stimulate blood flow,  promote healthy hair growth and effectively block DHT.


Apply to effected area twice per day for best results.  Massage into scalp with finger tips.  Leave on for at least  4 to 8 hours, but can also be left in.



Custom Proprietary Blend:  Aloe extract, green tea extract, pumpkin seed oil extract, saw palmetto extract, fenugreek extract, stinging nettle extract, rosemary oil


Warning:  For topical use only.  Avoid contact with eyes. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


No Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates